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Addressable Fire Alarm System DF6000 (CF3000)
This is the first touch screen user friendly fire alarm on the market today with soft addressing technology. Soft addressing technology enables the system to address itself, as per wired, saving on time at commissioning. The system incorporates a touch screen making day to day use easy for the client ...More Info
Wireless Addressable Fire Alarm System CW9000
This system is new to the market and provides the ultimate in fire alarm systems. Being wire free provides many advantages including:Eliminates any loss of detection due to cable faults;
In the event of fire the system will allow alarm to work for a longer period;
Installation advantages. Contact ...More Info
Conventional Fire Alarm System MF400 (FX2200CF)
This conventional fire alarm system is a neat four-zone panel, competitively priced, with access control through an easily operational push-button code ...More Info
New Bi-Wire Panel Fire Alarm System (FX2200BW)
The Bi-Wire Panel (FX2200BW) is new to the market and allows detectors and sounders to share the same zone wiring, delivering significant savings on cable and installation costs.

Contact Good Fire & Safety Ltd. for all your fire prevention requirements ...More Info
Apollo XP95 Fire Detector
The XP95 range of fire detectors have been carefully researched and developed by the Apollo design team. Some of the major advantageous features of these fire detectors include: Advanced design;
Improved performance;
Automatic alarm flag including address reporting when fire detected;
Unique features ...More Info
C-TEC FP 1-14 Zone BS Fire Control Panel
The C-TEC FP 1-14 Zone BS fire control panel is supplied in a robust metal enclosure with a lift-off lid and heavy-duty base connections to help promote easy installation and straightforward maintenance. It has remained a popular fire control panel, protecting people and property, for almost two decades ...More Info
Morley ZX5e Fire Alarm Control Panel
The ZX5e is an intelligent fire alarm control panel designed and constructed around proven and reliable microprocessor technology. Its adaptability, support and intelligence means that the ZX5e is suitable for new fire alarm projects, system expansions, retrofits and upgrades in all application areas ...More Info